June 30, 2010

Hans Kreiner said...

I am still discovering amazing artworks that Shaw made popping up in people's collections and out and about. It was so good to see Shaw at his recent opening at Feltspace, to enjoy the artworks and to experience the mass of genuine feelings going out to him from the crowd. I am a little out of the loop from the SA School of Art so don't always hear the news, Shaw must have passed away while I was still trying to find the right time to visit him at Mary Potter. I did have a dream perhaps about the time he died - I was with a group of people at a table when all of a sudden I felt this pleasurable feeling in my ear! I thought it was the woman I was sitting next to sticking her tongue in my ear - then turned to the person on the other side and it was Shaw - looking happy and well - so I told him how good he looked but he didn't reply and remained quiet. Shaw was so enthusiastic and supportive of so many artists work including my own and in my experience was just the right person at the right moment to bolster confidence. It was a privilege and a joy to work with Shaw.
Happy Trails Shaw, you won't be forgotten.

May 7, 2010

Shaw Hendry - facebook 23rd April

Tracey Rosser you were and are a fantastic man with the biggest heart and will be missed by many
Friday at 20:51

Ali Baker very sorry to hear sending love to all the family xx

Cat Larcombe thankyou shaw ♥
Yesterday at 18:03

Kel 'Lula' Paul I'm drinking a pot of tea and eating peppermint slice, thinking of you. I miss you my friend. xxx
Wednesday at 21:52

we love you Shaw
If I had to choose four words for Shaw they would be - authentic, resilient, candy-coloured & cherished.What four words would you add?
Wednesday at 12:20
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Kel 'Lula' Paul ♥
03 May at 22:41
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Nadine Rothapfel ..to my brother Shaw.. it saddens me to know that you will soon disappear from my friends list... with that connection to your life and your friends...
..you were the one that made me join Facebook in the first place.. so that we could talk at all hours of the morning..... who will I ring at 1.30 in the morning now.. when I'd see you online... !? I just felt the need to post my love to you..one last time..
..and I thank you for allowing me to see the wisdom that is Facebook... XX
02 May at 22:14
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Dean Rothapfel
In this photo:Shaw Hendry
Wall Photos
For Shaw - he loved to have a laugh and a few drinks...Cheer's mate....
02 May at 21:02

Nadine Rothapfel
In this photo:Shaw Hendry

Shaw's Hermano Exhibition..
Absolutely LOVE this photo... ( mind you.. wish I'd had time to change before we got to the Exhibition.. still in my travelling clothes, straight from the airport... :) Shaw.. Love & Peace .. always...XX
01 May at 13:23

Bronwyn Hendry This is my brother, Shaw, touching the tip of Aoraki/Mount Cook when he came to visit us in New Zealand last year. It was a great time to remember. His observations on life were always interesting, accurate and understanding... He has been and continues to be an inspiration to me. Thanks for being a great big brother. All my love, now and always, Bronwyn
01 May at 10:49

Sandra Fulmer thinking of you and your family xoxo
01 May at 13:17

Catherine Chandler Farewell, Shaw. It was a pleasure to have known you.
30 April at 14:42

Louise Kate Vodic the latest news: my neighbors are practicing using their jack hammers, their chainsaws and their loud manly voices, their practice is paying off, they are fantastically loud.
I am remembering you everytime i say 'for sure' and I am inspired to be my best self, to make art, print much and to be as warm and open a spirit as i can. you were and are golden,thankyou
30 April at 09:53
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Deidre But-Husaim adios amigo ♥ ♥ ♥
29 April at 23:40
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Lee Salomone shaw you made us all smile...that is a great gift...thanks
29 April at 21:25
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Kate Streeter To Shaw, who made me remember all the small things that are great
29 April at 19:59
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Annabelle Collett Oh this is SO SAD. You were such a delightful, intelligent joy of a man.
(This has knocked me rotten) Goodbye dear Shaw...............and tenderest love and regards to Di.
29 April at 19:18

Amanda Robins Dear Shaw,
Goodbye. You will be sorely missed by all of us. You made working at the University much more fun and I never really got to thank you properly for your support.
29 April at 19:12

Sascha Holyoak By Rumi.....for Shaw...

'Today and yesterday and unfortunate tomorrow,

And the series of tomorrow allotted us surely

Dreams, dreaming dreamers dreaming reality

Time's twilight is closed down by the dawn of death

Tearing us from the illusion of each carping moment

Now that we cease to be dreamers dribbling small daily

Griefs and aches,
And enter laughing our keeping home.'

Rumi ~ Words of Paradise ~ Mathnavi IV ~ 3654

Farwell to a lovely, playful soul xx
28 April at 08:46

Gavin Blake shaw, now you've gone to that great big ukelele jam in the sky...be sure to take your harmonicas xxx
27 April at 09:33

Maria Parmenter thinking of you and yours. xxx
26 April at 10:23

Nadine Rothapfel
In this photo:Shaw Hendry
For Shaw..
.. Shaw William Hendry.. my brother.. my friend.. XX
25 April at 19:12

Mark Siebert goodnight shaw x
25 April at 15:30

Prue Gramp It was a pleasure to have known you Shaw. Rest in Peace xxx
25 April at 12:37

Sue Michael I have a beautiful memory of the cheer that went up when a red dot was placed by a Shaw work , by broom handle, at Cube Gallery. One of the nicest openings I ever went to . Thank you Shaw.
25 April at 10:10

Amira Hajar
In these photos:Shaw Hendry
for shaw
from my performance 'Thirty-Three Releases (for that one moment of joy)', 2008
24 April at 19:38

Emma Sirona-Macdonald You may no longer walk amongst us, but your spirit and witty sense of humor will survive on in your memory. I am sure you will continue your good work wherever you are...
24 April at 17:21

Jaynie Langford goodbye Shaw thankyou for helping people see the beautiful and the playful side of life.
24 April at 14:28

Shane Robert Miller Mate cant believe your gone, your a fantastic bloke great sense of humour with such a giving nature -made university experience a joy for all students. You will be missed and your friendship cherished forever love ya Mr Hendry
24 April at 14:22

Maggie McCabe thank you for being such a wonderful person x
24 April at 12:45

John Homes thank you mate for being such a great man, friend and work mate. you made underdale a joy to work in. love you for the knowledge you passed on to me. The Cone of Silence (aka gazebo at underdale) is now missing one for it's founding members. XXX
24 April at 11:52
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Sarah Avolio i'll remember you forever. xxx
24 April at 11:15

Ross Felix Bless you mate. It was a pleasure and an
honour to have worked with you.
24 April at 11:00

Sonja Porcaro You were always so present- whenever I talked with you, you really listened & your responses were so insightful, intelligent. Thankyou for being Shaw- for your wonderful art, your performances, your support and above all, your warm, gentle and kind hearted ways xx sp
24 April at 10:40

Grant Archer Shaw - a much admired and respected person - a gentle man and a gentleman.
24 April at 04:13

Lorralei Burton Farewell Shaw,
We ALL have been so privileged to have met and spent time with such a kind hearted Beautiful soul.
May you move on to your next path with out regret.
Your kindness and honesty will be sorely missed in this World.
23 April at 23:48

Heidi Kenyon You touched the lives of so many people. Lots of love xxxxx
23 April at 22:52

Kate Lymn such an utterly kind and gentle man you are shaw,
rest in peace
23 April at 21:28

Adriana Loro sweet sweet Shaw ... you will be greatly missed and greatly remembered ... love you xxxxx
23 April at 20:53

Guy Ringwood Farewell Shaw,
You will be greatly missed. It was an honour to know you. You live on in our minds and hearts.
Rest in peace.
23 April at 20:45

Ray Harris bye shaw, was so lovely to know you x x x bless you!
23 April at 20:16

Lisa Picciau :( the world has lost a kind soul..... peace Shaw xx
23 April at 20:09

Nikki Lou :(
23 April at 19:43

Lara Torr Playing the ukelele tonight, thinking of your kindness xox
23 April at 19:31

Deidre But-Husaim I ♥ Shaw forever xox
23 April at 18:06
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Sebastien Calabretto True gentleman xxxoooxxx
23 April at 18:04

Akira Akira Remember the time you made Midori martini for Trevor, Sarah and I in the printing department at Underdale??? You even brought the ice shredder you bought from Asian grocer on Henley Beach Road. xxx
23 April at 17:55

Tamzin Alice Buchan love you shaw i'll miss you always xxxxxxx tb
23 April at 17:20

Devo - Beautiful World (Backwards)
Devo - Beautiful World (backwards)
23 April at 17:20

Sandra Uray-kennett Dear Shaw, Vale my dear soul.....love xxxxx
23 April at 16:17

Peter McKay It's been a privilege kind sir.
Thank you.
23 April at 16:11
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Bev Southcott to you shaw yr goodness and great art is 4 ever etched in my mind. Love xxxx
23 April at 15:55

Elizabeth Hetzel Rest in peace dear shaw , and love and blessings forever xxx
23 April at 15:04

Logan Macdonald Lots of love!!!
23 April at 14:47

Logan Macdonald FOREVER THE KING OF WELLAND! We all will miss you so much! XOXO
23 April at 15:10

Nicole Greenslade loving kindness xo
23 April at 14:23

Romi Graham Lots of love to you cupcake.
23 April at 12:07
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Jimmy Dodd xoxo
23 April at 12:00

Matt Banham xoxo
23 April at 11:24
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Margo Clark Chocolate crosswords forever. Thank you.
23 April at 10:02

April 30, 2010

Deidre said...

If I had to choose four words for Shaw they would be - authentic, resilient, candy-coloured & cherished.

What four words would you add?

April 23, 2010

April 22, 2010

This blog needs a by-line!

OK, all you creative friends of Shaw Hendry (aka Hermano). Let's hear your suggestions for a great by-line for this blog... so far we have 'what a sweet-heart!' but if you can come up with a better one, we will use it... (please post comments below).